Сайт vulcan lunarg com

сайт vulcan lunarg com

Сайт vulcan lunarg com - Hidden Britain by Drone. This may simply involve adapting one of our frames for a particular payload or sensor, but can also involve an entirely bespoke system. Offshore Auto Landing System This aircraft was built for testing an autonomous landing system….

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Unlike other companies we do not produce fixed products and offer them to market in the hope they are suitable, but instead specify and optimise systems to most suit the specific application and requirements of the customer. With our in house design and manufacturing capability we are uniquely able to offer a full design, prototyping and production service for those with a specific requirement. We work on a wide variety of projects, integrating different autopilots, sensors and payloads for both the everyday and more unusual multi-rotor applications. Machines range considerably in size and specification, with our current largest aircraft having a take off weight of over 65kg. Greater lift capacities are in development.

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Offshore Auto Landing System This aircraft was built for testing an autonomous landing system…. Hidden Britain by Drone. Aerial Photography and FIlming. Ultra heavy lift for payloads up to 25 Kgs, the Airlift series are tough, weather proof and fold to a compact form factor. Sir Tony Robinson presents the second series of Hidden Britain…. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. DigiArt project video presentation released.

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LunarG® SDK for Vulkan® video from GDC

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