Sarek of vulcan

sarek of vulcan

Sarek of vulcan - Speed dropping close to sublight. How was he killed? Sarek is losing control of his emotions on the eve of his crowning diplomatic achievement - which is shattering to a Vulcan and an interesting way to see the effects of dementia. You will excuse me.

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A legendary Vulcan ambassador for the Federation born in Terran year to Skon and grandfather Solkar, Sarek was married at least three times over an illustrious career that was being studied in school well before his death at age Sarek rarely saw his first son, Sybokwho was born in by a Vulcan princess, his first wife who died shortly after the delivery. Sarek wed Amanda Graysona human, in and the next year she gave birth to Spock. Sarek and Amanda would later adopt and raise a young orphaned Human female, Michael Burnham. Sarek saved Burnham following a logic extremist attack targeting the young girl by sharing his katra with her - forever linking Burnham and Sarek.

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In this episode Spock must travel back in time to his childhood, and keep his younger self from dying and being replaced by an Andorian as First Officer of the Enterprise. There must be some part of me in you, some part that I still can reach. Sarek was married twice during the course of an illustrious career that was taught in Vulcan and Federation history classes well before his death at age Благодаря телепатической связи с Майклом Бёрнем Сарек смог связаться с ней и она спасла ему жизнь. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Edit Did You Know? He must command respect if he is to function.

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